BIng with ChatGPT is now released by Micrsoft.

And from what I understand they use Wikipedia content considerably. If you ask Who is A B and A B is not widely known, the result is more or less identical to the content from the Wikipedia article (but worse, as it "makes up" facts that is incorrect).

In a way I am glad to see Wikipedia is fully relevant even in this emerging AI-driven search world. But Google search has ben careful to always have a link to Wikipedia besides their made up summary of facts, which here it is missing (yet?). And for licences, they are all ignored.

So if this is the future the number of  accesses from users to Wikipedia will collapse, and also their willingness to donate... (but our content still a cornerstone for knowledge)


(I got a lot of fact from an article in Swedish main newspaper by their tech editor. He started asking fact of himself, and when he received facts from his Wp article plus being credited to a book he had noting to do with, he started to try to tell/learn ChatGPT of this error. The chatPGT only got angry accusing the techeditor for lying and in the end cut off the conversation, as ChatGPT continued to teat the techeditor as lyer and vandal..).
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