The latest announcement from Twitter is that the site is going fully
pay-to-play -- to be in recommendation feeds or even vote in polls,
you will need to be a subscriber. [1] While it remains to be seen
whether the site will follow through, these plans are consistent with
the relentless promotion of a subscription-based model under the
company's current leadership.

While new alternatives are launching every month, Mastodon remains the
primary place folks are migrating to. This Dewey Square report is a
good read on recent developments, including the Mozilla Mastodon
instance, the one (which is rapidly closing in on 10K
users), and the Flipboard one.

Being open source and community-based, Mastodon should be a perfect
fit for Wikimedia, and I still very much hope that Wikimedia
Foundation will set up an official presence in the fediverse, much
like many chapters/affiliates already have.


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