Hi everyone,

On behalf of the Sound Logo team of staff and community collaborators, it’s
my great pleasure to officially introduce the winning Wikimedia sound logo
the sound of all human knowledge. *Read the full story on Diff
and access translations. *

We invite you to listen and explore
more sounds from the contest and to visit the sound logo resource hub on
Meta <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Communications/Sound_Logo> to learn

Thank you!

Whether we personally use smart audio devices or not, we see–and hear–them
everywhere. Preparing Wikimedia content for audio settings and most
importantly, doing it in a way that was true to our values and practices,
and at the same time fun, was not an easy endeavour. We needed a whole
orchestra. Many thanks to the screening team
of volunteers, the selection committee
the dynamic team of community liaisons
and you. We are grateful to many of you who took part in on-wiki, virtual,
or in-person conversations
listened, shared, voted, or in any other way participated to help bring us
to where we are today. With your help, we were able to nurture this
bring it to life, and make it better than originally conceived
You can read more about the journey of this project from a novel concept to
a global contest
and a community vote
<https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Sound_Logo_Vote> on wiki and

Thank you, very well played.

On behalf of the sound logo team,


Useful links


   The announcement on Diff + previous communications:


   The resource page on Meta:

   Category on Commons:
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