> At this point I guess I would recommend adding five or so
> g2.cores8.ram36.disk20 flavor VPSs to WMCS, with between one and three
> RTX A6000 GPUs each, plus a 1TB SSD each, which should cost under
> $60k. That should allow for very widely multilingual models somewhere
> between GPT-3.5 and 4 performance with current training rates.

Having part of the cluster for this makes sense, even as what it is used
for changes over time.

> These models can be quantized into int4 weights which run on cell
> phones:
> https://github.com/rupeshs/alpaca.cpp/tree/linux-android-build-support
> It seems inevitable that we will someday include such LLMs with
> Internet-in-a-Box, and, why not also the primary mobile apps

Eventually, yes. A good reason to renew attention to mobile as a canonical
wiki experience.
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