Dear Wikimedians,

In response to expressed needs of the communities in sub-Saharan Africa to
help achieve growth of the editing communities in the region, the Wikimedia
Foundation is working on an experiment-based project dubbed the Africa
Growth Project. The project seeks to enhance already existing community
efforts by creating a more effective online learning component, which would
allow in-person efforts to focus on already-engaged newbies who have
obtained a solid foundation in Wikipedia policies and collaboration norms,
maximizing the return on investment of human volunteer effort. The
hypothesis guiding this experiment is that providing high-quality training
to new and existing Wikimedians covering the basics of contribution to
Wikimedia (including introducing the many ways to contribute beyond article
writing) can double the retention rates of active editors in the region.

For the pilot, we will be developing four modules, and we are inviting you
to share feedback on outlines for these training modules, which are:


   Module 1: Preparing to participate in Wikimedia projects

   Module 2: 101 Ways to Contribute to Wikimedia

   Module 3: The Voice of Wikipedia: Neutral Point of View

   Module 4: Sourcing knowledge: Verifiability on Wikipedia

We hope to benefit from your experience as a Wikimedian in sharing your
input on these module outlines, to ensure that they capture what is needed
to support community understanding of those policies.

We are interested to hear your thoughts on what's missing, what's good,
what could be improved, and any suggestions on the modules' and sections'
order and pace, great illustrative examples and helpful exercises that
would be useful to incorporate.

We await this input and will take it all into consideration as we develop
the full modules based on these outlines (including whatever change
suggestions we accept). We will also be publishing the complete modules on
the WikiLearn platform when they are ready.

See the details of each module here:

And share your comments here;

For your input to be useful in our module development, please share your
feedback by July 21st, 2023.
Thank you,
>From the Africa Growth Pilot team (Dumisani Ndubane, Veronica Thamaini,
Asaf Bartov)


Veronica Thamaini | Manager of Regional Programs, Community Resources

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