Thanks Rebecca for all the work you have made. I will miss you in our next 
meeting for Erasmus+ project in Ireland.

Take care

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Subject: [Wikimedia-l] Project Manager change at Wikimedia Community Ireland

Dear all,

After almost 6 and half years in post, I am stepping down as the Project 
Manager of Wikimedia Community 
Ireland<> from this 
week. It has been a joy and a privilege to be the first staff member for WCI, 
and I am excited to see how my successor will grow the group further in the 
coming years. We hope to introduce them to the community very soon.

I have had the pleasure of onboarding the second-ever staff member of WCI this 
past month, Amy Coe. Amy is our Irish Language Officer, and will be working 
with the Irish language community in Ireland and beyond to strengthen and 
develop Vicipeid and the Irish language across Wikimedia projects. You can 
contact her at:<>

I will be returning to my former role as a volunteer with WCI, and I am looking 
forward to continuing to work on our various photography competitions and 
supporting the new Project Manager in their work. WCI is 10 years old next 
year, and I'm excited to celebrate that milestone with you all!

Thank you to everyone who has helped me and WCI over the past years. It was a 
real joy to meet many of you at events (in-person and virtual!), and to count 
so many as good friends. If you are ever visiting Ireland, please reach out!

Slán agus beannacht,
Rebecca (User:Smirkybec)
Wikimedia Community Ireland
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