Dear all,
It would be great if the presentations were uploaded to Commons, so we can 
review works, view links and share with others.


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Subject: [Wikimedia-l] Uploading to Commons and tell us your story about 
Wikimania 2023

My Fellow Wikimedians

As we lowered the curtain for Wikimania 2023 Singapore, Online and Satellite, 
we ask for your valuable time to share your images and videos related to 
Wikimania 2023 on Wikimedia Commons, our free media repository. By uploading 
your images and videos to Wikimedia Commons, you are helping to document the 
history and diversity of the Wikimedia movement, as well as enriching the 
knowledge and culture of humanity. Your contributions are greatly appreciated 
by millions of readers and editors around the world.

To upload your images and videos to Wikimedia Commons, you can use the Upload 
Wizard, a simple and user-friendly tool that guides you through the process. 
You can also use the Commons app, a mobile application that allows you to 
upload images from your smartphone or tablet. Please make sure to use the 
license on Wikimedia Commons and Wikimania Photography policy when uploading 
your files.

We encourage you to use the [[category:Wikimania 2023]] when uploading your 
images and videos related to Wikimania 2023. This will help us to organize and 
showcase your files on the Wikimania 2023 wiki and other platforms. You can 
also add other relevant categories and descriptions to your files to make them 
more accessible and useful for other users.

We also encourage you to write your story as a blog, vlog, Social media posts 
or at . For social media, please use @wikimedia.conference to tag on Facebook 
or Instagram, @wikimania on X (twitter).

We thank you for your generous assistance and support for Wikimania 2023 and 
the Wikimedia movement. We hope to see you at the next in-person and hybrid 
conferences this year and the 19th edition of Wikimania in Kraków, Poland 
hosted by the Central and Eastern European Wikimedians where we will celebrate 
our achievements, share our experiences, and learn from each other.

There is also a Wikimania 2023 survey at

We appreciate your feedback so we know where we did great and which ones we 
would tell the next host.

Kind regards,

Butch Bustria
Event lead, Wikimania 2023
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