Could you provide a copy of the email, or at least its text? When
discussing something like this, it's helpful to see exactly what we're
talking about.


On Tue, Aug 29, 2023 at 11:07 AM Romaine Wiki <>

> This was the title of a message on the Help Desk of the Dutch Wikipedia
> earlier this month. The title refers to the fundraising e-mail a reader of
> Wikipedia received so-called with a message from Jimmy Wales, and this
> reader got very concerned about what he saw as this e-mail looks like to be
> a scam or spam. The reader asked us: "But isn't this a strange way to
> collect money? This given the many warnings for not clicking on links in
> strange e-mails as those are often fraudulent (etc.), this does not seem
> very reliable to me."
> It seems that the e-mail came truly from WMF, but the concerns of this
> reader are something to be aware of.
> Another user writes he receives fake e-mails almost every day for all
> kinds of "services" and "requests" which do not feel trustworthy, the same
> as for this e-mail from WMF.
> The reaction of another user: please throw this kind of dubious e-mails
> away quickly, such e-mails can't be trusted.
> Someone else writes: That donation campaign is very American and the
> volunteers behind the Dutch Wikipedia have been calling for years against
> the international Wikimedia organization that this way of raising funds
> does not work in the Netherlands and Belgium, among others.
> That last part is I think the essence, for more than a decade WMF
> organises the fundraising, for more than a decade the Dutch community
> complains about the way/style/etc of the fundraising, and for more than a
> decade it is tradition that WMF does do little with the feedback and makes
> the same mistakes year after year after year...
> Disappointed greetings,
> Romaine
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