this meta page took my attention (kindly jump to the 19 Nov 2023 paragraph):

I would appreciate response from the mentioned people on the following issues:
*why "Hindi **Community** activity updates" needs to be presented by 
Praveen/Rachit {User:PDas (WMF) and User:RASharma (WMF)}, who don't represent 
the **community**?
*why the movement strategy activity needs to be led by the above two + one wci 
*why the call needs to be scheduled in parallel to the cwc final? the recent 
wikiwomancamp was also scheduled during navatri? considerable number of 
bharatiya female contributors couldn't join due to this which includes my 
wikipedia colleague who was sad and couldn't spend the festival with open mind. 
don't the current wmf staff members who are clearly snatching the lead of these 
community issues care about what the indian people are comfortable with? why 
the current wmf staff members make us to choose from either wikimedia or any 
national important event? a few days ago, i didn't agree with jayantilalji for 
being extra aggressive, now i also think ki the current wmf staff members are 
doing this to get promotions and and to show this to the wmf high officers. 

apki jankarike ke liye bata de ki hum bewakoof nahin hain

hope the questions will not be neglected.

your sincerely,
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