I am writing to you on behalf of Wikimedia Sweden. We are currently working
on Connected Open Heritage, a project aimed at collecting information about
the world's cultural heritage and putting it on Wikidata (

As part of the project, we want to import the monument lists created for
the Wiki Loves Monuments competition to Wikidata. However, for us to be
able to do that, we have to ascertain that the data has a
Wikidata-compatible copyright status: the CC0 ("No Rights Reserved")
license. We know that the WLM lists are collected from various sources, so
finding out their copyright status is not always easy.

We are reaching out to you because Morocco has participated in Wiki Loves
Monuments. We would greatly appreciate if you could point us to the
source(s) used for compiling the monuments list, if that's available, or
put us in touch with someone who might have this information.

Thank you for your help!


Alicia Fagerving
Wikimedia Sverige
+46 (0) 73 950 09 56
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