Dear all

In Wikimedia Conference 2016, in Berlin, we talked with Wikimedia Italia
about promoting some joint activity. At that time it was commented that for
example a common theme could be something as simple as ancient Roman

Months later, in Wikimania Esino Lario, we talked about this idea to many
people from other Wikimedia groups and chapters, from Europe, North Africa
and Middle East, and in general we verified a good acceptance as a simple
activity that we could share a large number of people.

We keep working on this and we have important news. From Wikimedia España
we are going to organize an editathon on October 7 at the National
Archaeological Museum, in Madrid. The goal will be to improve and create
articles on Roman thermae, for which we are working on a list of items.

Also, during Wiki Loves Monuments, which is held in September, we will
create a special category of prizes only for Roman thermae; those photos
obtained during the contest could be used later in Wikipedia articles.

Therefore, we encourage you to promote some activity related to this topic
between your community and work, and have fun!, with an architectural
heritage that we all share.

For any doubt or suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Rubén Ojeda | Programme Coordinator | Wikimedia España | @rubojeda <>
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