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>Hi everybody,
>We just received the great news that the Wikimedia Diversity Conference
>2017[1] has received the full grant from the Wikimedia Foundation's
>Grants.[2] We look very much forward to hosting the conference and to
>welcome you to Stockholm the 3-5 November 2017.
>We now need your help in making it a success! We invite members from
>Wikimedia organization or user group to sign up as ambassadors for the
>conference.[3] Ambassadors are champions of Diversity on Wikimedia and
>volunteer to use that power to support the conference in several ways.
>   -
>   Support before the conference. Ambassadors help communicate to local
> communities that the conference will happen and provide updates of the
>planning process, such as when to register and how to apply for
>and why submit a proposal. The other way is to provide constructive
>and ideas for the program and for the overall event. Ambassadors can
>   organize discussions at other conferences taking place prior to the
>   Diversity conference.
>   -
>   Support during the conference. Ambassadors can also volunteer their
>champion powers during the conference to support documentation and
>of discussions and insights, facilitate the implementation of the
>with the facilitation team, support participants with helpful advice
>   on-site information.
>   -
>Support after the conference. Ambassadors help disseminate the
>gained during the conference to their communities and to participate in
>   networks to continue working with Diversity.
>Active participation as an ambassador will support a scholarship
>We would be grateful if you could forward this possibility to your
>Furthermore, we are actively looking for more funding from sponsors,
>but we
>do have limited opportunities to provide scholarships and only parts of
>travel costs for participants can currently be covered. If your
>organization has the opportunity to provide a full or partial
>for your volunteers or staff, please let us know. We would be happy to
>highlight your involvement and support on the conference portal.[3]
>If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to get in
>contact with us!
>We intend to send out the registration form at the end of next week.
>[3] Diversity Conference
>Kind regards,
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