I'm happy to support this - but can't come to London. Hoping to be at the USA 
meeting though.

Not sure what you mean by a fair copy.


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Lodewijk, Sydney, Hilda, I think I'm going to need lots of support to pull this 
off. BMJ are not publishing the reviewed version - we are, by pointing to the 
relevant diff in the article's history. I'd like us to offer the reader a much 
nicer presentation of the reviewed article than that, which means Wikimedia 
hosting a "fair copy" (like normal articles published on publishers' websites).

I'd also like us to point the reader to a diff between the reviewed version and 
the current version that doesn't have all the wiki markup - basically a diff 
that the average reader will easily parse.

This will only happen if we can demonstrate solid support from the Wikipedia 
med community.

I intend outlining this at the conference, if I get a slot in the Sunday 
afternoon unconference. I don't suppose you guys might be able to drop 
everything and turn up at the inaugural Wikipedia Science Conference in London 
on 2-3 September, is there? :o)

On 15 Aug 2015 1:05 am, "Anthony Cole" 
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I've just come out of the second teleconference with fellow WPMEDF board member 
Jake Orlowitz, and Fiona Godlee and Peter Ashman of BMJ.

BMJ has offered to provide expert peer-review of up to 10 of our medical 
articles. We can choose the articles and can submit them at our own pace. I'll 
post the details at English Wikipedia's Wikiproject Medicine talk page on 
Monday or Tuesday - I'm very busy the next 48 hours. Have a great weekend 

Anthony Cole<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Anthonyhcole>

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