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On Sunday, 14 February 2016, Dan Andreescu <dandree...@wikimedia.org> wrote:

> We have talked in the past about releasing granular geocoded pageview data
> so that we may track the spread of diseases.  The efforts of the Los Alamos
> National Lab folks to do this in a privacy sensitive way are on-going, and
> we have our own efforts as well, but completely solving this problem in the
> general case is known to be very hard.
> So, I felt personally compelled in the case of Zika, and the confusing
> coverage it has seen, to offer to personally help.  I can run queries, test
> hypotheses, and help publish data that could back up articles.  Privacy of
> our editors is of course still obviously protected, but that's easier to do
> in a specific case with human review than in the general case.
> I offer as much of my volunteer time as will get the job done, plus any of
> my official time that my team-mates deem appropriate (they're pretty
> awesome, so you probably have me double full time if you need me).

Anthony Cole
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