Thanks, Pine. I've been keeping James and the rest of Wikiproject Medicine
in the loop since this project's inception, and it wouldn't be happening
without Lila's and the Wiki Project Med Foundation board's moral and
practical support.

We're just seeing how this goes and have no set plan or deadlines. I hope
we'll develop an easy and elegant process for expert review, something
other journals might like to adopt and adapt. It'll be several months yet,
but once "Parkinson's disease" is signed off, I'll write the experience up.
It's fascinating and I'm learning a lot.

Anthony Cole

On Sun, Apr 17, 2016 at 3:01 PM, Pine W <> wrote:

> Hi Anthony,
> Thanks for this initiative!
> As someone who deals with budget tables, I am very supportive of improving
> features for table editing. Have you tried editing tables in VE?
> You might also consider using a spreadsheet like Google Sheets,  Microsoft
> Excel, or (offline) LibreOffice Calc.
> Because the use case here involves medical content, I am cross-posting
> this thread to the Wikimedia-Medicine mailing list, and also pinging Doc
> James to ask for comments.
> Pine
> On Apr 16, 2016 23:21, "Anthony Cole" <> wrote:
>> BMJ, the publishers of the *British Medical Journal* and other top-tier
>> biomedical journals, have kindly recruited the best minds they can get to
>> review the en.Wikipedia's article, "Parkinson's disease".
>> We began the review by passing the article, in a Word document, from one
>> reviewer to the next by email. Each made proposed changes to the article
>> text and left comments in the document, using Word's "Review" and "Track
>> changes" features.
>> At that point we needed to start a discussion, and Word isn't ideal for
>> that. So I pasted the relevant paragraphs from the Word document into the
>> left column of a wiki table, and the reviewers' comments into the right
>> column, where the discussion could happen. [1] I manually applied
>> background colours to distinguish deletions from additions in the left
>> column, using <span style="background:#xxxxxx">.
>> That discussion has now begun but one of the many things I've learned
>> during all this is, the top researchers and theorists spend a lot of time
>> in the air (travelling to conferences, lectures, meetings), and it is
>> then,
>> free from the demands of job and family, when they do their reviewing.
>> So, I have pasted that wiki table into Word and have made it available to
>> the reviewers here: [2]. Now they can download a copy before they get on a
>> flight, and email it back to me with their comments when they're online
>> again, and I'll transcribe their comments into the wiki table for
>> discussion.
>> This may be as simple as it gets but I just thought I'd put this before
>> you, in case you may have thoughts on a better technical approach for next
>> time. (BMJ have offered to do more of these.) I'm finding the construction
>> of the wiki table tedious (particularly highlighting the deletions and
>> additions) though I'm getting faster, and transcribing offline comments
>> from the Word document into the wiki table will be a small chore. The wiki
>> table pastes easily into Word with highlighting and formatting intact, but
>> not vice versa. (I've also asked at Village pump (technical).)
>> Any thoughts on making this easier or smarter would be much appreciated.
>> Anthony Cole
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>> 2.
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