Dear all,

I'm happy to announce that the user group "WikiProject Med Foundation" has a
new board <> elected,
which includes:

1) *James Heilman* - chair
2) *Shani Evenstein* - vice chair; membership admin.
3) *Doug Taylor* - treasurer
4) *James Hare* - secretary
5) *Jacob F. de Wolff*
6) *Sydney Poore*
7) *Carl Fredrik Sjoland*
8) *Daniel Mietchen*
9) *Vinicius Siqueira*
10) *Subas Chandra Rout*
11) *Jake Orlowitz*
12) *Emily Temple-Wood *

Please join me in thanking previous board members *Anthony Cole*, *Peter
Coti* & *Brian Basden, *as well as *Lane Rasberry, *for their service thus
far and their support during the transition period.

Wishing all of us a fruitful and productive term,

Shani Evenstein,
On behalf of the WikiProject Med Foundation Board.
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