Dear WikiMed enthusiasts,

We have lots of updating to do regarding the work the new WikiMed
Foundation Board has been doing, but in order to not "bombard" you with too
much details, I will be dividing the news into different emails, which will
be sent in the coming days, so we can discuss each issue in a separate
thread. The first update in this "updates series" is regarding the the WMF
strategy process.

Some of you may have heard that Cycle 1 is now complete and the second
round has opened yesterday. Below are some details on the results of round
1 as well as details on round 2. You can help by doing 2 things:
1 - *Help share these details with your local communities*, especially in
case they do not have community liaisons, and then share your personal /
local thoughts on these themes there.
2 - *Participate in cycle 2 from a WikiMed perspective*. Our user group is
dedicated to spreading medical knowledge and we can give our feedback *as a
group* in addition to our personal thoughts on these themes.
James Heilman & I are here to help facilitate a discussion from a WikiMed
perspective, so please share your thoughts & ideas, if you have any
questions, please ping us here or personally.


*==Cycle 1 Report==*
Between March 14 and April 18, participants of our movement have been asked
to answer the question: "What do we want to build or achieve together over
the next 15 years?".
1800 statements were gathered from around the world, and after being
analyzed, *13 themes have emerged: *
* Reliable, neutral, high-quality content
* Community health & support
* Internal & external collaboration
* Features
* Users, editors, & contributors
* Outreach, awareness, & promotion
* Innovation
* Funding, staffing, and other organizational needs
* Emerging communities
* Advancing education
* Movement values
* Knowledge
* Sustainability & growth

You can read more about each of them it in *the complete "Cycle 1 Report"*
In case your country does not have strategy liaisons, please share these
results in your home wiki. You can further help by translating this page to
your own language.

*==Strategy Cycle 2 is now Open== *
So what's next? Cycle 2 of the strategy process has opened yesterday and
will remain *open till the June 12*. Full details on Cycle 2 are here
In this cycle, you can comment on *5 major themes* that have
been identified:
* Healthy, Inclusive Communities
* The Augmented Age
* A Truly Global Movement
* The Most Respected Source of Knowledge
* Engaging in the Knowledge Ecosystem

*Feedback could be given in 5 different ways: *
*1 - On Meta-wiki -* click on each of the 5 themes above to get to their
discussion page. You can translate this page to your own home wiki so you
and people in your local community can comment.
2 - Find a discussion outside Meta
(a dedicated WikiMed discussion page will be up tomorrow).
3 - Take an off-wiki survey per theme (only in English)
4 - *Discuss these 5 themes here, via our mailing list,* after which we'll
make sure to put them on Meta, in a dedicated page.
If there's a demand, we can also schedule a hangout to discuss these themes
together, if that's easier for people.
5 - If you don't wish to expose your thoughts publicly and don't want to
take a survey, you are welcome to *reach out to me personally*, and I'll be
sure to convey your thoughts forward.

Please note that the board has started thinking about the WikiMed
Foundation strategic direction here
Please read through and offer your thoughts via the discussion page
this mailing list, or our Facebook group.

==Relevant Further Links==
* Further details on the timeline of the strategy process
* Participating in the discussion via your own home wiki - this page has
further details on opening your own discussion per language or group

Shani Evenstein, Board Member
WikiProject Medicine Foundation User Group.
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