Ha ha. The issue is not having a petition to force anyone to do anything,  but 
presenting our views on Wikipedia to counter the views of homeopathy’s critics. 
It is an open source of debate. If you have an issue about the law of gravity 
you are welcome to compose an article on it and post it to Wikipedia. I am sure 
there is someone who has posted an article about Flat-earthers already, either 
for or against. All ideas are welcome – it is an encyclopedia written for the 
people by the people, and hopefully written by people who know what they are 
talking about on their particular subject. All views are welcome, provided that 
they are cited from reliable and authentic published sources. So those who want 
to challenge what they consider the wrong views of those who have posted their 
persona (or official) views denigrating Homeopathy are now required to simply 
log in to Wikipedia and present their refutation of those wrong views, based on 
irrefutable citations from published sources. That’s all you need to do, so 
just get on with it instead of mumbling amongst yourselves about how unfair it 
is and organising a petition to an authority that does not exist.

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Maybe next they will have a petition to repeal the law of gravity



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I would like to bring your attention to the petition




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