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Date: Sun, Nov 12, 2017 at 12:26 AM
Subject: HealthPhone: Launch of Internet-in-a-Box
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Our apps are now available on Google Play
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Launch of Internet-in-a-Box

Bringing healthcare information to those who have no Internet

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Dear James,

HealthPhone is excited to partner with Wiki Project Med Foundation and
launch an offline distribution system for medical content in collaboration
with Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB).

IIAB is a mini-computer with mobile hotspot that generates a Wi-Fi signal
and enables content distribution in places where access to the Internet is
limited, controlled or simply unavailable. Within a range of a few hundred
meters, up to 32 people can connect to the device with a computer or mobile
phone and access or download its content. IIAB does not offer a connection
to the Internet or to content beyond that in the Box itself.

This initial version of “Internet-in-a-Box” contains all of Wikipedia’s
healthcare content in English, Spanish and Arabic, WikEM, content from
Practical Action in English and Spanish, and HealthPhone maternal and child
health videos. It also functions as a mini app store allowing Wikipedia,
HealthPhone and other medical apps to be downloaded and installed offline.

[image: Content menu]Putting health information in the hands of those who
need it most.

The device is being sold for the cost of the hardware (USD40/CAD50) which
includes taxes and shipping. The underlying hardware is made by the
Raspberry Pi Foundation and all software and content on the device is under
an open licence. Wiki Project Med Foundation welcome donations to support
further development.

 |  Alpha
 |  See Online
 |  *Buy/Donate*
 |  Make your own

We believe this device has significant potential to benefit the 4 billion+
people globally without Internet access and are working to develop further
versions with other languages and types of content.

*Kindly forward this announcement widely to your colleagues and networks.*
Thank you!

be well,

Looking Forward

HealthPhone is working towards a time when every mother and mother-to-be on
the planet has a personal library of health and nutrition videos that will
provide her with the knowledge she needs to take care of herself and her


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