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> ​​Dear WikiProject Medicine enthusiasts & friends,
> It's been a long time since we last updated the list about what we've been
> up to this year (sorry about that -- it's on our list for improvements for
> next year :)).
> As we are wrapping up 2017, we thought you might appreciate an update with
> some highlights. It's a bit long, but worth the read and getting involved.
> Wishing you and your families a happy, fruitful and joyous 2018!
> Yours,
> Shani Evenstein
> Chair, WikiProject Medicine Foundation.
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> ---------------------------------------------
> *==What did we achieve in 2017?==*
> 2017 has been extremely busy -
> * We *collaborated with like-minded organizations*, like Cochrane,
> Translators Without Boarders, The World Health Organization (WHO), The
> International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and Osmosis, to name a few.
> * We have continued our *collaborations with Universities *around the
> world, where Medical students wrote medical-related articles as part of
> their academic curriculum.
> * Around *70 new members,* who share our passion to make high-quality
> medical information available to the world, joined us.
> * We *participated in conferences* and *published academic peer-reviewed
> articles in *respected journals.
> * We have further *developed our Offline Medical Wikipedia App*.
> * And -- we're *released Internet-in-a-box!*
> To read more about each of these, please check out our 2017 report draft
> <>.
> And don't forget -- it's a wiki, so please feel free to click on the
> "edit" button and add what you did this year!
> *==Board Activity & Composition ==*
> In Jan 2017 a new board of 12 was elected and started operating, and as an
> organization,* we have made some great progress *-
> * We have started a routine of having monthly meetings, which helped the
> board work closer together;
> * We have been involved in the movement's strategy process and have
> supported and strategic direction.
> * We have been active in internal conferences, like WikiConference 2017,
> Wikimania 2017 and Wikidata Conference 2017 and were invited to speak in
> local ones as well.
> * We have greatly improved our process for accepting new members to our
> user group
> * We have started a long process of managing our finances and donations
> better
> * And -- we have made some important changes to our bylaws, as well as
> administrative decisions, such as having elections *only every 2 years
> instead of yearly*, to make sure board members have enough time to
> actually have a positive impact before they change.
> *That said, we have also had our share of challenges -- *
> Our main challenge had to do with the fact that we are an international
> group. As such, finding a time that suited all 12 of us every month has
> proven more of a challenge than we anticipated. Wrapping up a year of
> working together as a board, it has become clear to us that we must change
> our board composition in order to operate smoothly as board.
> Our solution to this challenge was as follows -
> 1) We have set up *clear guidelines *as to what is required from a board
> member in terms of time commitment.
> 2) Based on that, during December, *board members* who felt they could
> not invest the necessary time, *have stepped down* from the board and
> will continue their involvement as Special Advisers to the board.
> 3) We have also decided to r*esize our board and keep it to a smaller
> number of 7.*
> 4 members of the original board remained, 2 new members have been added to
> the remainder of the term (2018) and 1 more potential board member has been
> approached, so we will hopefully become 7 again.
> To see a list of the current board and our special advisers, please see
> this page <>.
> Finally,* to increase our transparency*, as well as involve more members
> who are not on the board, *we have decided to broadcast our monthly
> meetings live.* This means that every interested member of the user group
> can either join us live, watch us live, or watch the recording later. In
> case of meetings where sensitive issues are discussed, the meetings will
> have an open part that will be recorded and a closed part to board members
> only, which will not be recorded.
> Our coming meeting will be before Jan 15 and we'll post the date & time,
> as well as a link, as soon as we set it.
> *==Renewing Membership for 2018 == *
> Of the decisions the board has made this year was regarding membership in
> our organization.
> Till this year, anyone who wanted to join us had to fill out a google form
> once, but we did not have a process for renewing membership or tracking it
> yearly. The board has decided to change that, and *set up a process, in
> which membership has to be renewed yearly for existing members.* *This is
> how it will work as of 2018 --*
> ** New members* will continue to sigh up via the general membership form,
> after which they will be added (or not) to our group and mailing list. ** 
> Existing
> members* will be asked to *renew their membership* yearly, which for now
> still means only filling out a google form with personal details and
> showing involvement in our cause. There is no membership fee, but filling
> out the form is essential for those who wish to be part of the user group
> formally.
> Doing this we will be achieving 2 things --
> 1) It will help the organization have an up-to-date report on its number
> of members, as required by authorities.
> 2) It will help the organization track the eligibility for voting during
> elections to the board.
> We will therefore be *asking all those interested in remaining part of
> the User Group, to sign up the renewal membership form for 2018.*
> A separate email with a link to the form will be sent separately in the
> coming week.
> *==Get involved!==*
> Finally, we will be working on a proper 2018 yearly plan, but can already
> say that one of our goals for this coming year is to involve more people
> from our community, i.e. members of the user group who are not members of
> the board, in our activities. In other words -- *you don't need to be on
> the board to be involved*, and we need help from as many people as
> possible!
> We are looking for people who are either interested in getting involved
> with specific tasks, or have specific skills the board recognized as ones
> that could be helpful to the advancement of the organization in the coming
> year.
> *Please contact me privately if you'd like to get involved with - *
> * Selling Internet-in-a-Box locally
> * Helping map Wikidata items with Mix'n'match
> * Running medical-related educational collaborations
> * Facilitating a collaboration with a like-minded organization
> *Please also contact me privately if you have one or more of these skills
> - *
> * Programming, writing Wiki Tools, Wiki bots or generating statistics of
> specific pages across different languages.
> * Fundraising experience
> * Accounting experience (and in the US)
> *That's it for this time. Happy 2018, everyone!*
> *Shani.*
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