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Dear Wikimedians,

As the month long country-wide Wikidata Training Tour by Asaf Bartov [*1]
is in progress through several communities and cities within India, the
term 'Wikidata' has started rolling out as a new technology buzzword among
Indian communities and media.
Choosing the occasion as most befitting, some of us have opened up a new
WikiProject portal on the Wikidata site, named  WikiProject India.

The page link is

This WikiProject is to coordinate the efforts to create, enhance and
populate the coverage of topics related to India including her history,
geography, culture, society, people, infrastructure, education,
demographics and anything related between India and other fields such as
science, technology, arts, entertainment etc.

For now, an indicative list of topics of immediate interest are mentioned
in the homepage. As the project grow up and get better shape, we can expand
the scope of the project both vertically and horizontally.

A query library demonstrating some data drilling methods and samples is
also available there. Together, we can also build up this library to its
best form and beauty.

An inspiring model to this venture was WikiProject Armenia (, which began
around a year ago. We may fork and develop upon some of the work show-cased
there, including the model queries.
(Building new queries based upon these are quite easy even for a beginner!)

I invite all of you too visit the project homepage.

Are you interested to be among the pioneers of this project?
Do you want to be part of a team that will build up a great national
database that will eventually help at least one fifth of the world
population  in  so many ways that we can not even predict now?

If you do, if you are interested in editing and contributing to Wikidata,
then please sign up and join the project.

More questions and suggestions are welcome at the project's talk pages.

Thanks and regards,


*1 . Asaf's Indian path of Wikidata conquest can be seen here:

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