== Tl;dr ==
[1]  New Learning Modules page and revised Wikimetrics training; check it
out and send us any feedback!
[2] Evaluation Hangout Tomorrow (4pm UTC March 4th)!


*Dear Program Leaders!*

A couple of announcements for the week:

*= Learning Modules =*
We are thrilled to announce that we have begun a new Learning Modules page
where we will be creating various trainings related to Program Evaluation. The
first completed training is a more complete overview on using Wikimetrics.
The second is an overview of Program Evaluation and will be completed this
week, with three others being created soon. Let me know if you have any
questions or leave a comment on the talk page!

*= Virtual Meetup =*
At 4pm UTC March 4th (tomorrow) we are hosting a hangout about developing
and using goals and targets (e.g., SMART goals, benchmarks, outcome chains,
etc.) to set, and monitor progress toward, targeted outcomes for your
program. If would like to join realtime via google hangout, be sure to
leave comment on the google plus event page. You can also view with a
slight delay via livestream (with or without a google account) and submit
questions on #wikimedia-ped on Freenode IRC. Hope to see you there!

All the best,

Edward Galvez

Jaime Anstee

Edward Galvez
Intern, Program Evaluation and Design
Wikimedia Foundatio
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