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The final in our series of the Evaluation Reports (beta), the report on the
Wikipedia Education Program, is now available on meta:<>

Highlights of the report include:


The average Wikipedia Education Program reported cost a total of almost
$8,000 USD in total, and $275 each week to implement. The average Wikipedia
Education Program invests a total of $67 US and 3 hours into recruiting
each new editor participant.


Program leaders reported participation rates ranging from 25 to 2,372, and
programs lasted from two weeks to 21 months with an average of 37.5 weeks.


For the seven reported Wikipedia Education Program implementations, almost
3,000 different Wikimedia pages were created or improved. The average
Wikipedia Education Program produces about 120 pages of content each week.
The average program participant adds just under half a page of content to
Wikipedia and creates or improves six wiki pages each week.


Out of the 3,334 new editor participants in Wikipedia Education Program, 36
(1.2%) participants were "active" three months after the program ended; 33
(1.1%) were "active" six months after the programs ended.

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