Greetings Program Leaders and Evaluators!

Important updates on Learning and Evaluation:

== First Issue of Learning Quarterly now available ==

Learning & Evaluation team (L&E) newsletter (issued quarterly) aims to
capture the highlights of the L&E team’s work and discovery, as well as to
encourage community participation, in an outlet that brings stories to the
front, and your inbox. You can sign up [1] to get the newsletter delivered
to your user page of your home wiki, or read it online on the Evaluation
portal on Meta [2]. Want to be featured? Email us!

== Evaluation portal: Under construction==

Our portal is currently undergoing a redesign and re-organization! All
links should continue to work, but templates might change/break. Please
excuse any issues you might encounter on our pages before Wikimania.

== Survey Question Bank ==

The survey question bank is now available
online![[Grants:Evaluation/Question Bank]] Browse questions according to
your survey goals and make surveys easily and quickly. If you want to add
more questions to the bank or even entire surveys. Email us at or comment on the talk pages of each survey goal!

== Infographic icon set now on Commons [3] ==

The Program Evaluation & Design team has started to build an icon set for
program leaders and evaluators to make their own infographics. Find it on
Commons, and check out the infographics we built so far to get an idea of
the possibilities on working with data visualization.

== Join the L&E team at Wikimania 2014! [4] ==

If you are attending the global conference in London, join us for a number
of workshops and activities.



17:30-19:00 UTC - Poster session and IdeaLab Mixer [5]

Please come meet your fellow experimenters, learners, idea-creators,
grantees and grant committee members at the IdeaLab Mixer, pre-Wikimania in
London!  At this Happy Hour you can:

* Connect with other participants over drinks and snacks

* Create a fun IdeaLab badge to share your skills, interests, and ideas

* Learn about interesting initiatives via poster session with project  and
program leaders and evaluators

* Make plans to attend a follow-up IdeaLab Workshop during Wikimania to
work together on new ideas, project plans, and grant proposals.

Join us and let’s see how we can help each other turn ideas into action!
Hope to see you there :) (Fountain Room in the Barbican Centre, London)

AUGUST 8 - 10

Program Evaluation & Design - Questions & Answers

The Program Evaluation & Design Team will offer a variety of demonstration
and discussion sessions at the Grantmaking booth, on the Community Village.
Find our spot from Friday to Sunday!


11:30-13:00 UTC - Growing the Awesome in your programs [6]

Jaime Anstee and Edward Galvez from the Program Evaluation and Design team
will review ways to track and report data from your programs and how to use

16:30 to 18:00 UTC - Best practices for the evaluation of GLAM-Wiki
cooperations [7]
Jaime Anstee will join Beat Estermann and Martin Brinkerink for a GLAM
strategy workshop to engage community members in further development of
evaluation strategies and systematic measures for community members engaged
in GLAM outreach activities.


13:15 to 14:15pm - Program Evaluation & Design Meet-Up [8]
In this loosely-structured session, program leaders and evaluators are
welcome to share new findings on evaluation, as well as questions and
updates related to tools and resources for evaluation. Sign up on Wikimania
2014 page [7]! If you are attending Wikimania, Join us! Grab your lunch and
meet us at the Grantmaking booth, Saturday, August 9th 13:15 to 14:15.

== Beyond Wikimetrics series started ==

If you missed the first edition of Beyond Wikimetrics, watch the video
online [9]! and revisit the presentation [10]. This was the first in a
series of three online events that will go deeper into this same topic.
Stay tuned for upcoming events on our portal [4]!

== Evaluation Pulse 2014 ==

If you haven’t done so, please remember to fill out the evaluation capacity
survey that was delivered over a week ago. If you haven’t seen it in your
inbox, or your link has expired, email us at and we’ll
resend it to you.

As always, stay up-to-date by connecting on our portal [4].

On behalf of the Program Evaluation and Design team, thank you for your
time and attention.

*María Cruz * \\  Community Coordinator, PE&D Team \\ Wikimedia Foundation,
Inc.  |  :  @marianarra_ <>

[1] Global Message Delivery

[2] Online L&E Newsletter



   Infographics icon set


   Infographics focused on programs:

[4] Upcoming Events Section in PE&D portal:

[5] Idea Lab Mixer/Poster Session

[6] Growing the awesome in your programs:

[7] Best Practices for the Evaluation of GLAM - Wiki Cooperation:

[8] Program Evaluation & Design Meet-up at Wikimania:

[9] Beyond Wikimetrics: Using Databases and APIs for Research (1 of 3):

[10] Beyond Wikimetrics presentation (1 of 3):
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