* Summary and key takeaways from Learning day at the Wikimedia Conference.

* New video: Presentation and Dialogue about WLM and Other Photo Events

* Get the resources: L&E presentations from Wikimedia Conference.

Greetings Program Leaders and Evaluators!

Important updates from Learning and Evaluation:

== Summary and Key takeaways from Learning day at the Wikimedia Conference

Last week, the Collaboration and Development team from Wikimedia
Deutschland along with the Learning and Evaluation team at Wikimedia
Foundation hosted Learning Day, a pre-conference workshop on evaluation and
program design. The aims of the day were to gain a basic shared
understanding of program evaluation, learn the common language of
evaluation, discuss different sources of data, increase skills in using
tools, and share experiences with evaluation. We've posted a summary of the
day's events on the evaluation portal[1], where you can find the key
takeaways, hope and fears, questions, and next steps  from all the
participants and facilitators.

== New Video: Presentation and Dialogue about WLM and Other Photo Events
reports ==

The Learning and Evaluation team recently published two evaluation reports
on Wiki Loves Monuments and Other Photo Events, in addition to an Overview
report about this year's programs evaluation. On May 6 we hosted a virtual
meet-up to present and discuss the findings of the reports [2]. We want to
thank everyone who joined: your participation made the discussion around
the reports more insightful. Please note a discussion is already taking
place on the reports' Talk pages, where we will continue to capture
feedback for the reports.

== Find the resources: L&E presentations from Wikimedia Conference ==

For those who were not able to attend the conference last week, or those
who want to revisit the content shared, here you will find all the L&E
presentations from the conference:

* Logic Models, a tool for planning and evaluation (with WMDE)

* Data sources

* Education Extension

* Surveys - Designing effective questions

* Wikimetrics Overview

* Designing SMART proposals and Annual Plans

* Reporting and Storytelling

* Global Metrics Tutorial

* Leveraging Volunteers through Programs

* Other conference presentations

As always, stay up to date with upcoming news and events by following our
events page [3]!

*MarĂ­a Cruz * \\  Community Coordinator, PE&D Team \\ Wikimedia Foundation,
Inc.  |  :  @marianarra_ <>

[1] In-person workshop at pre conference:

[2] New video:

[3] Upcoming Events Section in PE&D portal:
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