* Program Leader panel on Writing Contests [1]

* Editathon Evaluation Report 2015: review the latest release! [2]

* Wikimedia Documentation Directory: A community-led initiative [3]

* Community Capacity Development launches second phase [4]

Greetings Program Leaders and Evaluators!

Important updates from Learning and Evaluation:

== Program leader panel on Writing Contests [1] ==

The Learning and Evaluation, together with community members from Kosovo
and Ukraine, co-hosted a program leader panel on Writing Contests [1]. This
virtual event was a chance for editors all over the world to connect online
and ask question about this Wikimedia program, and comment on the
experiences they shared. Topics discussed ranged from practical issues,
like having certificates, how to summon a large audience, and prizes; to
how to improve editor retention and how to promote a contest among
experienced editors. Revist the panel by watching the video, or reading the
notes on the etherpad. Don’t forget to check out the Writing Contest
evaluation report and toolkit! [1]

== New release: Editathon Evaluation report 2015 [2] ==

The new evaluation report 2015 for Editathons is ready for community
review! With this new release, we now have a more comprehensive picture of
Editathons than we ever had before. There is information about inputs,
outputs and outcomes, which program leaders can use as reference to find
specific information about editathons when designing their own. Review the
report on Meta and make comments and ask questions on the report Talk Page
[2]. Let us know how you use this information, and what could be possible
next steps!

== Wikimedia Documentation Directory [3] ==

This new community-led initiative is a way to easily discover
Wikimedia-related documentation including all outreach activities, like
GLAM and education. The idea was promoted by John Cummings, Wikimedia UK
volunteer, who adapted Hay Kranen’s Tool Directory [3] design into a
Wikimedia Documentation Directory to help community members share and track
their community and program resources and knowledge. Like the Tool
Directory which catalogues data tools, the Wikimedia Documentation
Directory will catalogue any documentation from any site on- or off-wiki
and allow you to search by title or keywords. We are now working to link
Learning and Evaluation resources on this directory as well. If you are
interested in supporting this initiative and want to submit your resources,
please do so via the google form [3]!

== Community Capacity Development: phase 2 [4] ==

Community Engagement Team at Wikimedia Foundation is allocating staff time
and funding to deliberate capacity-development projects with interested
communities in six capacity areas: community governance; conflict
management; on-wiki technical skills; new contributor engagement and
growth; partnerships; communications [4]. This is a new way of partnering
with WMF: through two way conversations (rather than top-down planning),
WMF will work with specific emerging communities to explore obstacles for
community growth and explore and pilot solutions together.

We prepared a page per such capacity, detailing challenges and possible
approaches to build that capacity. We welcome your  feedback! Contributions
to those pages can be done in the following ways:

* Sign up on the sidebar of each capacity subpage if you want to implement
certain practices described,

* Provide more links to resources,

* Expand the Potential Solutions section with new ideas.

These pages, including your contributions, will serve as the basis for
specific conversations with specific communities to develop plans or
projects to build capacity.

As always, stay up to date with upcoming news and events by following our
events page [5]!

*María Cruz * \\  Communications and Outreach Coordinator, L&E Team \\
Foundation, Inc.  |  :  @marianarra_ <>

[1] Writing Contests learning circle 2015:

* Video of the panel:

* Panel etherpad:

* Evaluation report:

* Program toolkit:

[2] Editathon Evaluation Report 2015:

* Report page:

* Discuss the report here:

[3] Wikimedia Documentation Directory

* Homepage:

* Tools directory:

* Single-entry Google form:

[4] Community Capacity Development Framework:

* Main page:

[5] Upcoming Events Section in Evaluation Portal:
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