Greetings Program Leaders and Evaluators!

== Our newly integrated team: Program Capacity and Learning [1] ==

Three Community Engagement teams at Wikimedia Foundation have merged
together to combine forces in supporting program  and community leaders
across the movement: The Wikipedia Library, Education Program, and Learning
& Evaluation are now united as the Program Capacity & Learning team. In
this coming year, we look forward to our shared learning and support to
leaders like you.

Importantly, we could use some help in defining what that year looks like!
Between now and February 19th, we are asking for your input in prioritizing
support to program leaders and affiliates through our newly integrated
Program Capacity and Learning Team. Our new team, in addition to supporting
 education programs, libraries, and learning and evaluation, will also
support GLAM and Affiliate Partnerships. We have been consulting with
different program and community leaders and have developed a few ideas for
which we would like your input.  Please share your views on our criteria
for resources as well as concepts for support. Your input will help guide
our 2016-2017 Annual Plan submission. We will host office hours on IRC
on Tuesday,
February 16, at 8 am PST. Sign up to the event via Google or Facebook [1].

== New blog: What I Learned: Improving the Armenian Dictionary with the
help of students [2] ==

The blog series What I Learned has a brand new posting! In this new post,
Wikimedia Armenia program leaders, David Saroyan and Lilit Tarkhanyan,
share their experience in running the popular program WikiCamp in Armenia.
Read the shared lessons, comment and help us spread the word by sharing the
blog on social media! If you have also learned a valuable lesson running a
Wikimedia program and would like to feature what you learned in this space,
reach out to to publish your story.

== Learning Quarterly: Issue 7 ==

The latest issue of our newsletter is now live on Meta. This edition you
can read about our newly integrated team and how you can contribute to our
roadmap, the Wikipedia Library #1Lib1Ref campaign, UNESCO Wikimedia project
partnership, learning patterns, and more!

As always, stay up to date with upcoming news and events by following our
events page [4]!

*MarĂ­a Cruz * \\  Communications and Outreach Coordinator, L&E Team \\
Foundation, Inc.  |  :  @marianarra_ <>

[1] Our newly integrated team: Program Capacity and Learning:

* Google event:

* Facebook event:

[2] New blog: What I Learned: Improving the Armenian Dictionary with the
help of students

[3] Learning Quarterly Issue 7:

[4] Upcoming Events Section in Evaluation Portal:
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