Greetings Program Leaders and Evaluators!

== WMCON 2016: Outcome of the Learning Days! [1] ==

We hosted a two-day long pre-conference, Learning Days, on April 21st and
22nd in advance of the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin. 51 participants
representing their affiliate organizations participated in several
sessions. The priority topics selected were: a) Engaging and Retaining
Volunteer, b) Best Practice Exchanges with other Leaders, c) Designing
Wikimedia Programs and Events, and d) Measuring and Evaluating Impact.

Feedback shared by participants highlighted a number of practices
participants planned to bring back home with them; either processes to help
their local community to develop, or tools and resources to apply directly
to their projects. Find the complete feedback and the resources shared on
the event page [1].

== Wikipedia Tools for Google Spreadsheets [2] ==

Thomas Steiner of Google has created a Google Spreadsheets add-on that
helps pull out data from all Wikipedia language versions and Wikidata.
Released under anApache License, Version 2.0, this tool adds Wikipedia
custom functions for use in Google Spreadsheets like WIKIPAGEVIEWS,
type =WIKITRANSLATE ("Orange") in a Google Spreadsheet cell and press enter
it automatically returns the translated versions of the Wikipedia article
“Orange”, in all the languages the articles exist. The tool could come
handy for program leaders during outreach and other activity planning and
implementation, especially tracking pageviews of articles over time. [2]

== L&E Newsletter Learning Quarterly Issue 8 published [3] ==

The latest edition of our newsletter, Learning Quarterly (April-June) ,
went live. In this issue, we have featured GLAMing Madrid in the section “A
program in the spotlight”, a project that has led the foundation of formal
collaboration with state museums in Spain. The story for the newsletter was
written by Rubén Ojeda, Wikimedia Spain’s  first Wikipedian in Residence.
The newsletter also features stories on: Global Metrics Review (an open
discussion); the Wikipedia Education Collab meeting in Stockholm. Read the
latest on how to stay connected through blogs and events, and learn about
the upcoming Inspire Campaign. If you want to feature your program in the
section “A Program in the Spotlight” email [3]

== Pre-Conference Learning Days at Wikimania Esino Lario [4] ==

We are organizing two new Learning Days at this year’s Wikimania in Esino
Lario. Because of restriction of space at the venue, participation is by
invitation only. We have sent a first round of  invitations out Friday, May
13. If you would like to take part in Learning Day and did not get an
invite, please email Subhashish at indicating your
interest, and we’ll get back to you. There are three ways in which the
participants can get involved: a) Submitting a poster (Deadline: Sunday,
June 12), b) Presenting a lightning talk, and c) Co-presenting in a
workshop. More updates are coming up in the event page, keep checking! [4].

As always, stay up to date with upcoming news and events by following our
events page [5]!

*María Cruz * \\  Communications and Outreach Coordinator, PC&L Team
\\ Wikimedia
Foundation, Inc.  |  Twitter:  @marianarra_

[1] WMCON 2016 Learning Days

[2] Wikipedia Tools for Google Spreadsheets

* Github repository link:

* Learning Pattern:

[3] L&E Newsletter Learning Quaterly Issue 8

[4] Pre-Conference Learning Days at Wikimania Esino Lario

[5] Upcoming Events Section in Evaluation Portal:
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