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Hello all,

As you may know, this year the Community Tech team at the Wikimedia
Foundation hosted a new Community Wishlist Survey. During the proposal
phase, participants could submit proposals for features and fixes they’d
like the team to work on.

Now Phase 2 begins: time to vote! We know program leaders have many wishes
for program tools that can better support the implementation of
edit-a-thons, editing workshops, photo competitions, GLAM initiatives,
education programs, conferences and many more programs that are designed
every year.  You can find those wishes at the Program and Events wishes page
and vote for them! A few highlights are:
* Make finding and sharing documentation much easier
* Tool to post barnstars after large scale meetups
* Article tracking tool for Wikiprojects, edit-a-thons and other campaigns,
based on Wikidata
* Enable on-wiki lift for account creation limit at a specific IP range
* and more!

The voting phase goes from today, November 28, to December 12. Please make
sure to vote, pass this message on to your community, and encourage others
to vote, too!

After the voting phase, Community Tech plans to allocate 75% of the
wishlist work to the top 10 wishes, and 25% to proposals important to
smaller groups. This will include campaign and program organizers and GLAM
participants, among others. So, voting is important, even if you don't
think you'll get into the top 10!

Please do reach out to me if you have any questions about the voting


[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/2016_Community_

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Hi everyone,

The voting has started on the 2016 Community Wishlist Survey, and all
Wikimedia contributors are invited to come and vote on the projects that
WMF's Community Tech team will work on next year:


There are 267 proposals this year, on a wide range of subjects that I'm
pretty sure you have an opinion about.

You've got two weeks to vote, from now through December 12th. You can vote
for as many proposals as you like, by adding a {{support}} tag under the
proposals that you think are worthwhile.

Once the voting's over, we'll have a ranked list of projects for the
Community Tech team to work on, as well as other developers and volunteers
who want to build features and make changes that the core contributors
really want.

This is an opportunity for you to help set the agenda for a WMF product
team, so I hope everybody comes and participates!

Danny Horn
WMF Product Manager
Community Tech
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