Добрый вечер, уважаемый Дмитрий!

Как уже говорил:
1) Спонсора найти: а спонсорский пакет готов? - присылайте, попробую.
2) Жюри - из журнала "Популярная Механика" и номинаторам годовая подписка!
А победителям - публикация фотографии в журнале (если да - начинаю
3) Новость о старте конкурса - нужно на сайте ПМ. Попробую на сайте ФАНО
4) Нужно все институты РАН проинформировать - подскажите, как это
сделать... Есть идея - модный научный журнал "Кот Шрёдингера"! Там люди из
журнала Эксперт. Нужно подготовить формы письма в ПМ и в Кот. Еще "Наука и
жизнь", "Химия и жизнь", "Знание - сила", газеты "Поиск" и др. То есть PR в
СМИ нужен обязательно - это привлекательные условия для спонсора.

Спонсор - производители эталонов и микроскопов подойдет? Но там же не
только "нано". А резиденты "Сколково"? Могу узнать. Но время...

Это пока мозговой штурм. Простите, если сбивчиво.

С наилучшими пожеланиями,
Николай Литвинов, к.э.н.

On 19 October 2015 at 00:51, Дмитрий <juko...@mail.ru> wrote:

> Привествую, коллеги!
> По существу:
> А) Нужно создать локальное жюри, хотя бы 3 человека, немного разбирающиеся
> в научности и фотографиях.
> Б) Призовой вопрос -  спонсора  нет, похоже ВМ.РУ предстоит выделить по 4
> 000 рублей на каждого из победителя в 5-ти номинациях. 20 000 рублей сумма
> не критичная. Ну, или до 30 октября нужно найти спонсора.
> В) ЭТО САМОЕ ВЫЖНО. Нужно создать большую красную кнопку "нажмите здесь,
> чтобы загрузить  фотографии" на странице конкурса. А так же разместить
> линк на загрузку на коммонс (в шаблоне загрузки необходимо добавить
> возможность выбора загружающим конкретной номинации конкурса, как это
> сделано у украинских коллег:
> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:UploadWizard?campaign=espc-ua
> ).
> Основная страница конкурса будет на ВМ.РУ и уже создана
> https://ru.wikimedia.org/wiki/Европейский_конкурс_научных_фотографий_2015
> Доработки страницы только приветствуются.   Можно сделать анонс на главной
> странице наше Вики.
> Г)На коммонс страница конкурса готова на 90% - оставшееся дело времени.
> Воскресенье, 18 октября 2015, 13:07 +03:00 от Stanislav Kozlovskiy <
> s...@wikimedia.ru>:
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> Date: 2015-10-16 3:42 GMT+03:00
> Subject: [WMCEE-l] European Science Photo Competition 2015 [must read!]
> To: A list for Wikimedians from Central and Eastern Europe <
> wmce...@tools.wikimedia.pl
> <https://e.mail.ru/compose/?mailto=mailto%3awmcee%...@tools.wikimedia.pl>>
> Hi everyone!
> Some Q&A round about soon to come European Science Photo Comp
> <https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:European_Science_Photo_Competition_2015>
> .
> *1) Are you still looking for local teams? Yes we are!*
> Someone should carry out the sub-competitions and organize sufficient
> promotion. You can all ask around on if your country has a person (or more)
> for this. Or step up yourself. Minimum goal is just to set up a local jury
> who would take care of the image selection process.
> *2) May we skip this year? No way that's gonna happen.*
> There isn't any good reason to repeat this competition next year. What's
> the point of even setting up prizes if there would be two half-held
> competitions? Better to have one and do it big. This isn't WLM. The rate of
> new good images emerging yearly in this field also isn't that high. So:
> everyone will participate. Only difference is if you will participate
> actively or in a default mode.
> *3) Is there a time to do promotion? Yes there is.*
> We are mainly aiming for images that are already there. That's why there
> isn't even a need to start the promotion before November (but it clearly
> doesn't do harm to start early). We want people to upload what they have
> and encourage them to take more images in the future.
> *4) But we don't have money /time to ask stuff from WMF? Well, you don't
> need to.*
> It's a competition. Sponsors should be the ones paying for this stuff and
> not you. If you haven't learned that out by now, then this is the chance.
> There are plenty of organizations and companies who are willing to give
> prizes and/or money. Just go and ask.
> *5) What information is needed about local competition?*
> Local competition subpages should be set up with the information about who
> are the local jury members, what (special) prizes will be given out and who
> to contact with problems or information. Rest of the information is already
> present in the international competition page. NB! Don't forget to add the
> big red button named "Press here to upload your photos".
> *6) How should we set up the jury?*
> I'd recommend to include at least one professional photographer, a
> science journalist, a wikipedian who is competent in photo related stuff
> and some scientists in from different fields who know a bit about
> photography.
> It isn't going to be problem if some images presented to the competition
> will be from topics unknown to jury members. Description should be the
> thing that makes it clear how special it is or isn't and jury still needs
> to find images that are visually stunning and have some wow-effect related
> to them (this is a photo competition you know!). It is just the same in
> nature photo competition: no-one cares on how difficult it was to make that
> image (only the author knows that anyway). Question is about what story
> this image has for the audience.
> *7) What is the expected outcome of the competition?*
> I would expect the total number of submission somewhere around 30k (but
> the numbers per country would of course differ substantially and the end
> number would be greatly dependent on what counties would have local
> organization/promotion groups and which ones would not).
> This is an excellent event to get some media attention, so please use it!
> I'd also expect that this would help to set up some cooperation with local
> organizations, get some good contacts with companies who are willing to
> sponsor Wikipedia-related activities and speed up some university
> cooperation.
> As a conclusion. We are perfectly positioned to carry out huge low cost
> photographic events. European Science Photo Competition could be just like
> that. So, do some promotion and set up a local jury. Already that would
> make ESPC the biggest science photo competition ever held. Help us to reach
> for the starts!
> With regards
> Ivo Kruusamägi
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С уважением,
Николай Литвинов
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