на меня вышел представитель Wikimedia Swerige (ВМ Швеция) со следующим
предложением. (Смотри письмо ниже.)

Нам предлагается скооперироваться со шведским посольством и провести 8
марта вики-марафон, посвященный "феминизму" и женской тематике. Тему можно
обсуждать и адаптировать под себя. Место, судя по всему, готово
предоставить посольство.

Кому интересно? Я готов участвовать.


On Mon, Dec 25, 2017 at 2:41 PM, Sara Mörtsell <sara.morts...@wikimedia.se>

> Hi Rishat,
> I hope you are well and getting ready for a new year.
> I'm reaching out to you because the Swedish Embassies around the world
> would like to host Wikipedia edit-a-thons for international Women's day 8
> March 2018. This as part of the #WikiGap initiative from the Swedish
> Ministry for Foreign Affairs (read more below).
> Do you know if there is interest from WMRU or volunteer groups in Moscow
> to join WikiGap and partner with the Swedish embassy?  I'm trying to
> identify a contact person in Moscow so that the planning can continue
> locally with the Embassy.
> Who should it be?
> Best Regards,
> Sara
> *WikiGap 8 March 2018*
> Sweden has a feminist foreign policy (http://www.government.se/gove
> rnment-policy/feminist-foreign-policy/) and as part of this, the Swedish
> Ministry of Foreign Affairs is planning to organise several Wikipedia
> edit-a-thons during 8 March 2018 around the world in partnership between
> Swedish embassies and local Wikimedia affiliates and volunteers. The
> government has developed a tool kit for how embassies should organise
> Wikipedia edit-a-thons, and they are committed to surfacing the
> achievements of women in the world’s largest encyclopedia, in partnership
> with Wikimedia affiliates and other local organisations.
> *Pilot of edit-a-thons at Swedish embassies*
> The initiative started in March 2017 with a sister edit-a-thon in four
> languages between the Swedish embassy in New Delhi and Stockholm
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/India-Sweden_edit-a-thon. The Swedish
> embassies in Pretoria and Washington DC have since then also successfully
> hosted Wikipedia edit-a-thons with Wikimedia chapters. The Ministry of
> Foreign Affairs now wishes to increase outreach and the number of
> partnering Wikimedia affiliates for 2018.
> *How you can join*
> The campaign in March 2018 will take the name #WikiGap and invites broad
> and diverse participation, and allows for local adaptations to the theme.
> There will also be a main event in Sweden with participation from the
> Swedish minister for foreign affairs Margot Wallström, organised by the
> Ministry and Wikimedia Sverige.
> During December 2017, Wikimedia Sverige is reaching out to affiliates who
> would like to partner with the Swedish embassy in their country and join
> WikiGap.
> --
> *Med vänliga hälsningar, *
> *Sara Mörtsell*
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