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From: Dan Garry <>
Date: 10 August 2015 at 14:36
Subject: Maximum search query length coming soon
To: Wikimedia developers <>


The Search Team in the Discovery Department is implementing a maximum
search query length <>. There are
two main reasons to do this:

   1. Extremely long queries are almost always gibberish from things like
   malfunctioning scrapers. These queries skew our statistics about the
   usefulness of our search. Implementing a limit will reduce the magnitude of
   2. Extremely long queries have a disproportionate impact on performance.
   On its own this isn't enough, but considering point 1 above, limiting them
   is unlikely to impact any actual users. Implementing a limit will improve

We've chosen a hard limit of 300 characters. If your query exceeds this,
you will be told that your query exceeds the maximum length. Based on our
analysis of typical query lengths
<>, this change should
impact almost nobody. If you think you'll be adversely affected, please
reach out to us and we'll work with you to figure something out.



Dan Garry
Lead Product Manager, Discovery
Wikimedia Foundation

Dan Garry
Lead Product Manager, Discovery
Wikimedia Foundation
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