Can you think of a way of consistently identifying a user from page to
page, but only in the trace following them landing on the search page,
that does not include page parameters?

On 26 August 2015 at 16:30, Max Semenik <> wrote:
> While doing CR for
> I came to have serious doubts about this approach.
> In brief, it attempts to track user satisfaction with search results by
> measuring how long do people stay on pages. It does that by appending
> fromsearch=1 to links for 0.5% of users. However, this results in page views
> being uncached and thus increasing HTML load time by a factor of 4-5 and,
> consequentially, kicking even short pages' first paint outside of comfort
> zone of 1 second - and that's measured from the office, with ping of 2-3 ms
> to ulsfo. My concern here is that as a result we're trying to measure the
> very metric we're screwing with, resulting in experiment being inaccurate.
> Can we come up with a way of measurement that's less intrusive or alter the
> requirements of the experiment?
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