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> There's another feature we could work on after this one:
> Review the default AND operator between words. This seems to be in line
> with Moiz's survey results and "somewhat" related to the paper reviewed by
> Trey :
> Users ask questions not keywords, for example this query :
> what's the connection between power laws and zipf law [1]
> returns no result
> but:
> power laws zipf distribution [2]
> returns good results

Earlier, I suggested ignoring "filler" words, but we thought elastic was
already doing scoring adjustments that would have a similar effect.
Apparently not, because a search for:

connection between power laws zipf distribution

brings up what look like pretty reasonable results. Throwing away "what's",
"the", and "and" before running the search would help a lot (at least in
this case).

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