On Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 12:28 PM, Mikhail Popov <mpo...@wikimedia.org>

> The moving average is computed over 17 days. That seems like an arbitrary
> choice and it largely is but I played around with that number and 17
> yielded what seemed to me the best results. I tried 7 and such and wasn't
> satisfied with how those curves looked.

Interesting. I'm curious how 14 worked, since that always gives you 2 of
each day of the week, instead of 3 of some and 2 of the rest.

In any event, is there an easy way to document the moving average length on
the page (would it work in the dropdown?), so people will know what they
are looking at?

Again, this is very cool. All of the smoothed version are so much more
comprehensible than the raw plot. Thanks for adding this feature.
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