Hi Discovery team,

the Gerrit Cleanup Day on Wed 23rd is approaching fast - only one week
left. More info: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T88531

Do you feel prepared for the day and all team members know what to do?
If not, what are you missing and how can we help?

Some Gerrit queries for each team are listed under "Gerrit queries per
team/area" in https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T88531 
Are they helpful and a good start? Or do they miss some areas (or do
you have existing Gerrit team queries to use instead or to "integrate",e.g. for 
parts of MediaWiki core you might work on)?

Also, which person will be the main team contact for the day (and
available in #wikimedia-dev on IRC) and help organize review work in
your areas, so other teams could easily reach out?
Some team plates are emptier than others so they're wondering where and
how to lend a helping hand (to find out in advance, due to timezones).

Thanks for your help to make the Gerrit Cleanup day a success!


Andre Klapper | Wikimedia Bugwrangler

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