As it happens, I will already be at Moscone for the concurrent meeting
of the American Geophysical Union.  Depending on the schedule for my
meeting, I may look to come over.

-Robert Rohde

On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 12:25 PM, phoebe ayers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello all,
> User:Proteins, aka Bill W., is a Wikipedian and scientist who is
> running a Wikipedia-editing workshop at the American Society of Cell
> Biologists meeting  on Dec. 16th in San Francisco. He is looking for
> help from the community and from experienced editors who would like to
> come along and help out in person. The plan is to meet up at 11am at
> the Moscone Center on the 16th, for lunch beforehand and then do the
> workshop. See below for a brief description of the plan; description
> with links is at:
> There is also a link to the "practical tutorial" he plans to use on
> his user page.
> Bill has experience in leading groups through editing workshops (and
> he met many of us at Wikimania 2008), and the ASCB is his peer group,
> so I think the workshop will go well. He's looking for help from
> editors who can answer questions and help guide the scientists. This
> is a chance to work with a group of interested, very knowledgable
> subject experts who are Wikipedia newbies -- so if you have patience
> and experience with working with academics this is a great
> opportunity.
> If you're interested, please contact [[en:user:proteins]] directly.
> best,
> Phoebe
> ----------------------------
> The workshop is scheduled to take place from 12:30-2;30pm on December
> 16th at the Moscone Center, which you might know is just south of
> Market St. in San Francisco, at 747 Howard Street. The organizers
> anticipate roughly 60 scientists, who will come with laptops,
> references, images and a cell-biology topic on which they'd like to
> write an article. Our mission is to help them do that within two
> hours: difficult, much?
> Tim and I sketched an introduction for the scientists here, which I
> believe Awadewit looked over. We also made a welcome page for them as
> well. Here's the ASCB advertisement, which is abstracted on the
> conference's main page. Tim Vickers had the idea of organizing online
> Wikipedians to help the scientists with copyediting and other
> wiki-specific issues, but I thought it would be also good to bring the
> two communities (scientists and Wikipedians) together, face-to-face,
> and let them work together and form better opinions of one another.
> The organizers agreed enthusiastically, and basically said the more
> the merrier, up to about 20 volunteers. There's a slight difficulty in
> getting the Wikipedians into the conference, since there's some
> security as is usual at scientific conferences. So the organizers very
> kindly offered to take all the Wikipedian volunteers out to lunch
> beforehand and to escort them personally through security to the
> workshop. That's why it's important that we all meet up together at
> 11am at the Moscone Center.
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