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I hope you are fine. I send you the info of an event on social movements
around the world, technology and network organizing to take place Friday 5th
Dec at San Francisco. Looking forward seeing you there. Cheers! :-) Mayo

 *Movement Organizing, Technology and Networked Politics:

The Experience of the Social Forums
Friday 5th December 2008  - 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The Mission Cultural Center Gallery

2868 Mission Street, between 24th and 25th


Please join us for a comparative discussion of decentralized organizing and
networking strategies at the World Social Forum, the Americas Social Forum,
the European Social Forum, and the US Social Forum, with key organizers from
each.  What are the successes, failures, and further potentials of the
Social Forum network models and how do each of these Forums organize
differently and how do they benefit from the internet?

This is a discussion for individuals and collectives interested in the
Social Forums and in global social movements more generally.  It precedes a
weekend symposium on networked politics and technological tools at UC
Berkeley, and is part of an ongoing collaborative research project on new
forms of political organization.

Organized and sponsored by:  Networked Politics project, Transnational
Institute, Transform! Italia, Glocal Barcelona, Funders Network on Trade and
Globalization, International Forum on Globalization, Labor Tech,
International Computer Science Institute at UC Berkeley, School of
Information at UC Berkeley, Global Commons Foundation.

This event is free and open to the public.

For more information contact:  Katharine Wallerstein –
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