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> For those who aren't familiar with these gatherings, "Wiki Wednesday"
> is an ongoing meetup about wikis, typically on the 1st Wed of the
> month -- they happen all over the world in various locations. I
> believe that SocialText started them, and here in the Bay Area, the
> SocialText office in Palo Alto has hosted most of them. I believe the
> Dreamfish one above is the first one in SF. Check the wiki page for
> more info:
> http://www.socialtext.net/wikiwed/index.cgi

There was one in San Francisco in August 2007, hosted at a co-working
space on 2nd St.  It was one of the first tech gatherings I ever
attended in SF (I was just visiting and looking for work at the time)
and it was great fun.  Glad to see that they're starting up again,
even if I probably can't make it to this one.  (Dentist appointment
after work, bah!)


Kirrily Robert

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