Hi all - Folks from PBS's News Hour (http://www.pbs.org/newshour/)  
will be in SF on Thursday and they are very keen to shoot a segment  
with Wikipedia volunteers.  The subject of the meeting/discussion  
relates to Chris Anderson's new book 'Free' - they're building off of  
that concept and exploring the biggest free projects, specifically why  
people edit, what drives them, and what they think about the free  
culture movement.

Diane Lincoln, a reporter with the News Hour is coordinating the  
shoot. The interviewer will be one of the News Hour personalities.   
They would like to shoot/interview a group of 3-4 SF volunteers either  
at our offices or close by, likely outdoors at South Park.  At this  
stage we've tentatively booked 2:00pm in the afternoon of THursday  
June 25.

If you're interested in taking part in this you can reach out Diane  
directly (she's also CCed on this note) at dlinc...@newshour.org.

I will be involved in this, and we may have one other Wikimedia person  
involved in the interviews either at the same time or immediately  


Jay Walsh
Head of Communications
+1 (415) 839 6885 x 609, @jansonw

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