On 9/28/09 4:57 PM, Cary Bass wrote:
> I would also like to see us do something like
> "San Francisco Loves Wikipedia"  or "The Bay Area Loves Wikipedia" or
> similar, given the fact that we were unable to take part in last
> February's "Wikis Love Art" because our museums did not get back to us
> in time.
> See<http://uk.wikimedia.org/wiki/Britain_Loves_Wikipedia>  as an
> example of a future event.  I think we might even plan something for
> sooner, on a smaller scale.  Heck, I'm even willing to devote myself
> under "volunteer time" for something like this :)

If we want to concentrate on San Francisco and Bay Area local history 
and local curiosities, it might be interesting to organize something 
with these folks: http://foundsf.org/

They're using MediaWiki for their community-built history project, and 
seem to be poking around with CC stuff.

I met briefly with one of their folks at a meetup earlier this year and 
keep meaning to run around town and take photos for it but just haven't 
had the time -- taking current photos from the same angle to compare to 
historical ones is always a crowd-pleaser!

-- brion

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