Hi All,


Some people have expressed displeasure at having to put their names down
for security.  If this really bugs you you can just put your Wikimedia
handle on the list.  There shouldn't be any issue, but if someone asks
tell them you're here for the Wikimedia meet-up hosted by Micah Alpern.
You can also call me at any time 408.209.9509.


I'm planning to order several pizza's for those who come to help with
the Maker Fair planning, so their's some extra incentive. :-)


See you all Sunday,






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In case you've forgotten (I know I did), SF Meetup #12 is this weekend.
Specifically Sunday @ 2pm @ Yahoo! HQ.  Gotta put your name down in
advance so you can be put on the "list" for Yahoo! security.  Chatter
about Maker Faire mostly, and I'm sure other things like what is going
on in April.


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