I won't be able to be there in person, due to my distance from SF. If someone 
could send me the notes, I'd appreciate it. If you are meeting at the W and 
have questions for me, you might be able to use IM or email to ask them 
(depending on if they have WiFi).   

Good luck, hopefully the meeting doesn't get rained out, Angel Island is 


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Subject: Saturday April 10 Wikipedia meetup: California Chapter, Volleyball

Since the ferry schedule from San Francisco to Angel Island leaves
much earlier than I thought, and because of a suggestion from Sara
Crouse and a discussion after the last meetup between Stephen LaPorte
and me, I've added the following to the plan at

1.  Discuss formation of a California Chapter --

2.  Volleyball, weather permitting -- are there other good
island-oriented games compatible with the "leave it as you found it"
state park regulations?

In the mean time, they have a net, so I am looking for a volleyball.
Does anyone have either a volleyball or an inflatable beach ball to

Also if you want the guided museum tour you need to make reservations
in advance per the instructions on the meetup page. Similarly, there
are all kinds of options for overnight camping.  I was thinking about
that, but not really anymore, with the possibility of rain.

Currently the weather forecast, 9-days out, is for showers:

Where is a good fall-back location if we are rained out?  Yesterday
while meeting with my Google Summer of Code student at the W Hotel a
block from the Foundation offices, I asked the waitstaff about the XYZ
Mezzanine area, which as a bar is closed until 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays
(the cafe, downstairs bar, and restaurant are open during the meetup
time frame.) They indicated that while the bar was closed, the
mezzanine area is open to the public. So I believe it should be
suitable for a lunch meetup if the island meetup has to be called on
account of rain:
I have a phone call in to W Hotel management to make sure it's okay,
but that area seats at least 20 comfortably, so it seems like it would
be a good rain fall-back location.


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