This evening brought another years Maker Faire to a close, for better or
worse.  It wasn't a perfectly smooth operation, but we managed to get done
what we needed to and have some fun while we were at it.  For everyone that
had trouble getting there/getting in/finding the gate/etc, I'm sorry. We
thought we had everything figured out, but Maker Faire loves to change
things up on us, I guess that is part of the adventure.  It was a rather
long weekend, but we answered lots of questions and only had a few instances
of the Thorium Protocol.  Best of all, we got a rather decent sum of
donations.  It wasn't no $10 million, but it was about 50% more than we got
last year.  All in all, a job well done

- To those of you that helped us in the planning and preparation stages for
the last few months, it was worth it.
- To the each and every volunteer and foundation staff that spent a shift at
the booth: __Thank you soooo much__.  The shift system might have seemed a
little crazy, but it worked out
- To Brion, for making us a new (Offline) Guess The Language in something
like an hour, it was amazingly popular all weekend.
- To our friends at WikiHow whom were kind enough to loan us use of their
Wifi/Verizon card hack during the Great Wifi Debacle of Saturday morning -
kick ass.
- To Phoebe, my partner in crime (who deserves a ton of credit for making
sure everything worked out, contrary to what she's been saying about 'not
being in charge'): Why do we keep doing this? ^_^
- Lastly, to everyone whom stopped by to show their support (even if they
couldn't volunteer), we appreciate the love.

Now I'm gonna go sleep for the next 48 hours-

PS.  The few items I wrote down under the "for next year" list:  Temporary
tattoo's, new games (Jimmy side scroller, "Citation Needed" - guess the
fact), Offline Presentations & Auxiliary internet access methods.
PPS. If you took pictures.   COMMONS (or death) ->

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