Thanks, William.

As for fiscal sponsors, someone official should put out a request for
quotation to, paypal, and moneybookers, in a way in which all
three understand that they are getting the same RFQ (e.g., by a simultanious
email to the official address of all of them.)  You should put an request
for sponsorship in the RFQ.

There are some ideas about a raising sponsorships with various forms of
recognition and perks locally at

On Sep 6, 2010 4:42 PM, "William Pietri" <> wrote:

> Jon,
> Venture capitalists sponsor public events just like any other
> organizations which want ...
Absolutely. In particular, they like to get their name in front of
promising entrepreneurs, as finding interesting companies is essential for
their business. So if you pitch them, I'd try to find some reason they can
see it as a useful marketing expense.

Alternatively, rather than pitching venture capital funds, it might be
worth talking to individual venture capitalists, who are just the sort of
person to be fascinated by Wikis. For example, Mitch Kapor and Vinod
Khosla are both tech investors and major Wikipedia donors.


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