Late update: if rain permits, SJ has asked this be moved to Samovar.

Sameer Verma says we must be out of the fifth floor SJSU area by 5:45.

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From: "James Salsman" <>
Date: Oct 23, 2010 3:19 PM
Subject: Wikimedia meetup at Out The Door (level C basement) 5pm-5:30
To: <>

The Out The Door resturant is holding at least 15 seats for a 5pm meetup of
OLPCians and Wikimedians. Wikimedia and OLPC board member SJ Klein and I
should both be there.  Topics for discussion may include project overlap.
under "Wikimedia" -- feel free to call to edit yourself into the

It is raining, and the OLPC event sold out and is packed, but the people are
all very warm.

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