I just submitted a late application for Maker Faire, and I will keep everyone 
updated if we get space!


On Apr 7, 2011, at 5:07 PM, phoebe ayers wrote:

> Hi SF, 
> As you know Wikimedia-SF has had a booth at Maker Faire the past three years. 
> Maker Faire is awesome! It's a fair amount of work to put together, however. 
> Last year Jon Davis and I coordinated the booth. Unfortunately this year we 
> have both been super busy all spring, and we missed the deadline for sending 
> in the registration form.  
> If anyone else is interested in leading the Maker Faire efforts, we could 
> still ask if there are any last-minute places. But we would need to act very 
> quickly -- so please speak up if you want to do this (or just do it -- 
> contact info is on the website). And if no one is interested in leading the 
> booth, we will take a break from Maker Faire this year (and return 
> triumphantly next year???) 
> best, 
> Phoebe 
> p.s. How would people feel about a get-together in a couple weeks ... the 
> weekend of the 23rd? Maybe Sunday the 24th? It's been a long time since we've 
> had a casual meetup. 
> -- 
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