George, I was going to write and make a similar offer as I made to Sarah, with 
the caveat that I'm there might not be much lead time. But I'm game to help. 
Someone does need to be the lead dog (and that's not me).

And I hope that when Archives Awareness Month rolls around in October, you will 
all pitch in and help me (that's my own area of interest!).


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On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 16:38, George Jay <> wrote:
> Given the fact we are already in Black History Month, and that there is no
> reply except for Sarah's kind offer, it is safe to assume that Wikipedia is
> not going to celebrate Black History Month 2012. Perhaps the movie
> ''Redtails'', which is about the [[Tuskegee Airmen]], will spark  sufficient
> interest that Wikipedia will have a Black History Month 2013.

The only reason not to have events, article drives or other
celebrations is because no one decided to make them happen; they won't
magically get organized with no work. The month is still quite young
and there's time to put something together if you're interested.

-Jeremy (who is quite far from SF atm and not a local)

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