Hi folks,

We were recently asked if WMF could provide some awareness/info
sponsorship for a new conference being hosted by the UC Berkeley law
school titled 'Innovate/Activate.' It's a conference about DIY
Activism, Internet advocacy, IP issues, and how make more sharing
happen in the world.  The conference is being hosted Saturday, April
20 and Sunday April 21.  Our own Wikimedia Board of Trustees member
Kat Walsh will be attending, and it appears she may even run an
awesome talk on the WP Blackout and SOPA. Other Wikimedia Foundation
staff may be there.

Wikimedia Foundation is an 'intellectual sponsor' of the event (what a
charming way to describe ourselves), rather than a financial sponsor.
We're spreading the world to people in the area and joining several
other like-minded orgs. Of course we don't necessarily endorse the
specific panel topics or activities, but the spirit of the event is in
line with topics and issues we care about: free and open web, sharing,
releasing information etc etc.

More about the conference here:

And if you're really feeling ambitious you can propose a relevant
talk, although you may only have a few hours left to do so... Late
notice is better than none...

Onpassing for your info!

Jay Walsh
Head of Communications
+1 (415) 839 6885 x 6609, @jansonw

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