Hi, Andrew,
Just in case you (and Phoebe) have contacts in SF -- my partner have lived here 
in SF for 30+ years and do not own a car.*
I would appreciate hearing from people on this list who might be driving down 
to this event from SF.
Tom Mayer
*I'll refrain from making jokes about LA's car culture, and in return I hope 
you guys treat my request seriously . . . Thanks!

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Happening tomorrow! Please join if you can! 


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Hi all, hope folks from the SF Bay Area can make this event

coordinated with the Computer History Museum to get a backstage tour

and to brainstorm about their upcoming Wikipedia exhibit.

Please spread the word to Silicon Valley friends non-Wikipedians. The

Museum is right near the Googleplex and is an amazing facility.

-Andrew (User:Fuzheado)

PS: I'm driving up from LA, so you don't even need to be from SF area

to make it!


San Francisco Bay Area Wiki Meetup at the Computer History Museum

Time: Wednesday, December 12, 2012, 4pm to 8pm.

Location: Computer History Museum, Mountain View, Calif.

Meet Wikipedians and help edit a museum exhibit about Wikipedia!

The purpose of the meet up is twofold:

1. Meet fellow Wikipedians in the San Francisco Bay/Silicon Valley

area while getting a behind the scenes tour of the Computer History


2. Help edit this exhibit! The Museum is crafting an exhibit about

Wikipedia that will debut in 2013. What should an exhibit about

Wikipedia have? How should it display Wikipedia's activities, live,

for visitors? Who better than ask than Wikipedians. Meet the museum

staff to brainstorm around ideas and how to display and visualize

Wikipedia to the public.

Who should attend: Wikipedians and non-Wikipedians alike, but

especially museum or technology enthusiasts

Address: Computer History Museum,

1401 North Shoreline Boulevard Mountain View, California.

Contact: Andrew Lih (User:Fuzheado), Wikipedian

Email: and...@andrewlih.com

RSVP and info:


Museum participants:

Kirsten Tashev, VP of Collections and Exhibitions

Marc Weber, Internet History Program Founding Curator

Emily Routman, Contract Exhibit Planner

Jon Plutte, Director of Media


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